Contracts for those newly qualified in “Formación Profesional”

De izq. a dcha.: Juan Ramón Fuertes Blasco, Natalia Aznárez Gómez y Rafael Rebolo López en el Observatorio del Teide. Crédito: Antonio Maudes Gutiérrez (IAC).

The “Programme Technicians FPII in the IAC” will offer places for four technical profiles by way of training contracts for two years in the following jobs: Maintenance at the Teide Observatory, Maintenance in the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, Instrument Maintenance in the IAC Headquarters in La Laguna, and Mechanical Workshop in the IAC Headquarters in La Laguna.

This programme is starting up thanks to the agreement signed between the IAC, the “La Caixa” Bank Foundation and the CajaCanarias Foundation whose representative: Juan Ramón Fuertes Blasco, the Territorial Director of the CaixaBank in the Canaries, and Natalia Aznárez Gómez, director of the CajaCanarias Foundation recently visited the Teide Observatory, accompanied by Rafael Rebolo López, the Director of the IAC.

The two organizations count among their aims the development of social programmes to foment research and development, as well as innovation in industry and science, which have been combined with the aim of the IAC to promote a stable programme of training contracts of two years for people who have just finished their studies in “formación profesional”

The projects of scientific research and technological development within the IAC are an important resource of training and professional experience not only for researchers but also for technical personnel at different levels of their training. In the workshops and laboratories of the IAC they are developing advances scientific instruments which need specialists in instrument maintenance, mechanical work, electronics, software and optics, as well as general maintenance of advanced high mountain infrastructure: the telescopes of the Canary Island Observatories.

The “La Caixa” Bank Foundation and the CajaCanarias Foundation will contribute the funding needed for three of these four contracts, and the IAC will cover the costs of the fourth.

To monitor this agreement a commission has been formed which will keep a close watch to see that it is correctly applied. The IAC is confident that this programme will in time become stable, and will develop training programmes in the fields of scientific instrumentation for astrophysical installations.

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