The circum-galactic medium of quasars: transverse and line-of-sight absorptions

Sandrinelli, A.; Falomo, R.; Treves, A.; Paiano, S.; Scarpa, R.
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Astrophysics and Space Science

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Quasar projected pairs (QPPs) can be used for investigating the circumgalactic medium of quasars through the study of intervening absorption lines in the spectrum of the background quasar (QSOB) that are at the same redshift of the foreground quasar (QSOF). Here we report on optical spectroscopy, gathered at Gran Telescopio Canarias, of 14 QPPs. In 7 cases we find MgII absorption lines associated with the foreground quasar. Only for two cases line-of-sight absorptions (LOS) are revealed. These new observations complement our previous study performed on other 30 QPPs. A brief discussion of the properties of the intervening absorption lines associated with the foreground quasar for the full dataset is reported.
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