The Seventeenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys: Complete Release of MaNGA, MaStar, and APOGEE-2 Data

Abdurro'uf; Accetta, Katherine; Aerts, Conny; Silva Aguirre, Víctor; Ahumada, Romina; Ajgaonkar, Nikhil; Filiz Ak, N.; Alam, Shadab; Allende Prieto, Carlos; Almeida, Andrés; Anders, Friedrich; Anderson, Scott F.; Andrews, Brett H.; Anguiano, Borja; Aquino-Ortíz, Erik; Aragón-Salamanca, Alfonso; Argudo-Fernández, Maria; Ata, Metin; Aubert, Marie; Avila-Reese, Vladimir; Badenes, Carles; Barbá, Rodolfo H.; Barger, Kat; Barrera-Ballesteros, Jorge K.; Beaton, Rachael L.; Beers, Timothy C.; Belfiore, Francesco; Bender, Chad F.; Bernardi, Mariangela; Bershady, Matthew A.; Beutler, Florian; Bidin, Christian Moni; Bird, Jonathan C.; Bizyaev, Dmitry; Blanc, Guillermo A.; Blanton, Michael R.; Boardman, Nicholas Fraser; Bolton, Adam S.; Boquien, Médéric; Borissova, Jura; Bovy, Jo; Brandt, W. N.; Brown, Jordan; Brownstein, Joel R.; Brusa, Marcella; Buchner, Johannes; Bundy, Kevin; Burchett, Joseph N.; Bureau, Martin; Burgasser, Adam; Cabang, Tuesday K.; Campbell, Stephanie; Cappellari, Michele; Carlberg, Joleen K.; Wanderley, Fábio Carneiro; Carrera, Ricardo; Cash, Jennifer; Chen, Yan-Ping; Chen, Wei-Huai; Cherinka, Brian; Chiappini, Cristina; Choi, Peter Doohyun; Chojnowski, S. Drew; Chung, Haeun; Clerc, Nicolas; Cohen, Roger E.; Comerford, Julia M.; Comparat, Johan; da Costa, Luiz; Covey, Kevin; Crane, Jeffrey D.; Cruz-Gonzalez, Irene; Culhane, Connor; Cunha, Katia; Dai, Y. Sophia; Damke, Guillermo; Darling, Jeremy; Davidson, James W., Jr.; Davies, Roger; Dawson, Kyle; De Lee, Nathan; Diamond-Stanic, Aleksandar M.; Cano-Díaz, Mariana; Sánchez, Helena Domínguez; Donor, John; Duckworth, Chris; Dwelly, Tom; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Elsworth, Yvonne P.; Emsellem, Eric; Eracleous, Mike; Escoffier, Stephanie; Fan, Xiaohui; Farr, Emily; Feng, Shuai; Fernández-Trincado, José G.; Feuillet, Diane; Filipp, Andreas; Fillingham, Sean P.; Frinchaboy, Peter M. et al.
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The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series

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This paper documents the seventeenth data release (DR17) from the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys; the fifth and final release from the fourth phase (SDSS-IV). DR17 contains the complete release of the Mapping Nearby Galaxies at Apache Point Observatory (MaNGA) survey, which reached its goal of surveying over 10,000 nearby galaxies. The complete release of the MaNGA Stellar Library accompanies this data, providing observations of almost 30,000 stars through the MaNGA instrument during bright time. DR17 also contains the complete release of the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment 2 survey that publicly releases infrared spectra of over 650,000 stars. The main sample from the Extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (eBOSS), as well as the subsurvey Time Domain Spectroscopic Survey data were fully released in DR16. New single-fiber optical spectroscopy released in DR17 is from the SPectroscipic IDentification of ERosita Survey subsurvey and the eBOSS-RM program. Along with the primary data sets, DR17 includes 25 new or updated value-added catalogs. This paper concludes the release of SDSS-IV survey data. SDSS continues into its fifth phase with observations already underway for the Milky Way Mapper, Local Volume Mapper, and Black Hole Mapper surveys.
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