Spectrophotometric Properties of 162173 Ryugu's Surface from the NIRS3 Opposition Observations

Domingue, Deborah; Kitazato, Kohei; Matsuoka, Moe; Yokota, Yasuhiro; Tatsumi, Eri; Iwata, Takahiro; Abe, Masanao; Ohtake, Makiko; Matsuura, Shuji; Schröder, Stefan; Vilas, Faith; Barucci, Antonella; Brunetto, Rosario; Takir, Driss; Le Corre, Lucille; Moskovitz, Nicholas
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The Planetary Science Journal

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Examination of the opposition geometry properties show that Ryugu's surface regolith is commensurate with laboratory studies of the photometric behavior of powdered carbonaceous chondrites. The regolith is consistent with a broad grain size distribution that contains a fine-grained component.
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