Technology Transfer: IACTEC


Collaboration agreements:

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), through its public-private collaboration platform IACTEC, is interested in establishing collaboration agreements with other public and private agents of the European and Spanish System of Science, Technology, and Innovation, particularly with industrial organizations, with which to share knowledge, interrelations and complementary activities in research and development activities associated with advanced scientific instrumentation for astrophysics and its related disciplines.

Model agreements:


You may request a collaboration via

  • E-mail: convenios.iactec [at] (convenios[dot]iactec[at]iac[dot]es)
  • Telephone, dial 922 605200 and key in our personal extensions.

Other matters of interest:

  • The agreements are open to technically qualified European and non-European companies.
  • The agreements are subject to Spanish Law 40/2015, of October 1, as legally applicable to the public sector, and do not provide for remuneration to be given for contractual performance.
  • To ensure compliance with the Spain´s general principles of administrative action (Law 40/2015) and to guarantee the principles of competion, the agreements:
    • Do not imply any advantage in current or future contracting procedures in which the IAC is the contracting authority.
    • Do not have exclusivity.
  • In these agreements with private entities, Spain's Law of Transparency is rigorously applied. The framework agreement and, where applicable, the specific agreements will be published in full.

Agreements in force:


SENER Framework agreement (pdf, 259 KB)


For more information on the Agreements suscribed by IAC, please visit our Transparence page.