Vibration measurement and analysis equipment

Organizational Unit

This equipment allows to analyze the vibrations of structures, telescopes, instruments, etc. with the aim, in most cases, of verifying that they comply with the applicable requirements or, in other cases, to determine the origin of these vibrations to proceed to their elimination or damping.The vibration measurement and analysis equipment has an 8-channel signal conditioning system, with 4 accelerometers for structural analysis (0.5-3 KHz) and 2 general purpose accelerometers (1-10 KHz). It also has an impact hammer and a data acquisition system.

Related Technical facility
General view of the Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratory. Medium-sized laboratory with work benches, electronic devices, mechanical tools and cabinets
Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratory

The Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratory provides the basic and specific infrastructures needed for the development and integration of the medium-sized mechanical systems developed at the Technology Division.

Eduardo David
González Carretero
Front view of the submicrometric meter. Electronic device with an indicator needle and several connectors and pilot lamps
5-channel submicrometer measurement system

Electronic equipment for measuring mechanical movements with high-precision

Related Capability
Image of an engineer working on the final assembly of the grisms wheel of the EMIR instrument in the laboratory. Large black metal wheel with holes for optical components
Design, development and manufacture of opto-mechanical systems and precision mechanics

The mechanical engineering team of the IAC has experience and knowledge to undertake the design, manufacture and assembly of high precision structures, mechanisms and opto-mechanical systems

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