Diagnostics of the solar atmosphere and its stellar context

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María Jesús
Martínez González
Arregui Uribe-Echevarría
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181.500,00 €
This project aims to push forward our present understanding on the magnetism and dynamics of the solar atmosphere through the interpretation of observational data with inference methods. We approach the study of the solar atmosphere stressing its connectivity by magnetic fields and dynamical processes. We also emphasise the solar-stellar connection, a promising option to progress in our understanding of the solar magnetism. The project will focus on some selected topics such as the connectivity of the solar atmosphere through the quiet magnetism and chromospheric structures, and the long lasting problem of coronal heating. We will improve in-house inference tools, develop the new generation inversion codes, and will keep supporting new solar instrumentation. From the stellar side, the group will open the new window of near-infrared spectro-polarimetric stellar observations. All these studies and developments will help the definition of the future European Solar Telescope (EST), a European project lead at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.
The general objectives of the project are:
1) Understanding the dynamical and magnetic connectivity of the solar atmosphere. 2) Learn about the unique solar case within the stellar context.
3) Creation and development of new data analysis tools
4) Contribute to the development and support for instrumentation for solar telescopes.
The expected advancements will include: understanding the topology and intrinsic field strength of the quiet Sun; the inference of the magnetic field in chromospheric and coronal structures; assessing the role of magnetic waves in coronal heating; characterising the magnetism of stellar chromospheres and putting the unique solar case in context; the development of the next generation inversion codes; and the support and scientific exploitation of new instrumentation in GREGOR, MUSOL, and EST projects
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