Legal information

Statutes and regulations
Statutes and regulations

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), created by Royal Decree-Law 7/1982, of April 30, is governed by Law 14/2011, of June 1, on Science, Technology and Innovation and by its own Statutes (BOE nº 307 of December 21, 2018).

The IAC has the status of Public Research Organization of the State General Administration, without prejudice to its own consortium nature. Additional Provision 27 of Law 14/2011 establishes its legal regime.


Foreign affairs
Agreement on Cooperation in Astrophysics

The Agreement on Cooperation in Astrophysics, which was signed by eight European countries in La Palma on the 26th May 1979, confers on signatory organisations effective participation in the decision-making process by means of an International Scientific Committee (CCI). 

There are three levels to the agreement:

  • First level: documents signed by the respective governments.
  • Second level: documents signed by the organisations in each country (signatory organisations).
  • Third level: documents signed by the IAC and the Member Organisations.
Sky protection
Sky protection

To protect the astronomical quality of the observatories of the Canary Islands, specific laws and rules regulate aspects such as light pollution, radioelectric contamination, air pollution and air routes.

The Sky Quality Protection Technical Office (OTPC) was set up by the IAC in January 1992 to provide advice on the application of the laws and rules that protect Canaries skies.