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Objectives and organisation

The IAC's Instrumentation Division provides technological support, and carries out research and instrument development projects generated by the centre's scientific programme. The Division's general aims are to:

  • Develop new instrumentation for astrophysical research
  • Provide support for the maintenance and improvement  of existing astronomical instrumentation at the IAC
  • Train technical staff
  • Generate and transfer technology to industry and other institutions

The Division is organized into two sections, Engineering and Production:

  • Engineering comprises five departments: Optics, Mechanics, Electronics, Software, and Project Management. The Electronic Design, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Optics, Fibre Optics, Optical Surfacing, and Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratories, together with the CAD Room, are run by the Engineering Section.
  • Production consists of the Mechanical Workshop, the Electronics Workshop, and the Technical Drawing Laboratory; it also oversees the Dimensional Metrology Laboratory and the AIV Room.

Estructura Matricial

The Instrumentation Division has a matrix-like structure in which project managers coordinate the work of variously designated resources and fundamental services participating in a given project. The Head of Division, with the aid of the departmental heads, assigns resources and oversees the progress of the projects.

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