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Preparing annual reports

The International Scientific Committee (CCI) "should prepare annual reports on the scientific activities carried out in the Observatories" (Protocol to the Agreement on Co-operation in Astrophysics, 1979)

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  • Informe anual CCI 2017
    Annual report CCI 2017

    This Annual Report documents the impressive breadth and vitality of the research that is being carried out at the two sites of the Astrophysical Observatories in the Canaries.

  • Annual report CCI 2016
    Annual report CCI 2016

    The second half of this decade is proving to be one of the most exciting periods in the history of Astronomy in the Canary Islands.

  • Annual report CCI 2015
    Annual report CCI 2015

    These are exciting times at the Observatorios de Canarias, not only because of the excellent science that is being achieved and the development and incorporation of new instruments but also in the way

  • Annual report CCI 2014
    Annual report CCI 2014

    The collaboration between Spain, as the hosts and operators of several telescopes, and the large body of institutions that are direct participants in the Observatorios de Canarias, as well as among

  • Informe anual CCI 2013
    Annual report CCI 2013

    According to the International Agreements, the mandate of the International Scientific Committee of the Canarian Observatories is to optimize the exploitation of the excellent astronomical conditions

  • Informe anual CCI 2012
    Annual report CCI 2012

    CCI Presidents come and go, but until now the Vice-President has always been the same.