Analysis of variability of p-mode parameters in 11 years of IRIS data

Salabert, D.; Jiménez-Reyes, S. J.; Fossat, E.; Cacciani, A.; Ehgamberdiev, S.; Gelly, B.; Grec, G.; Hoeksema, J. T.; Khalikov, S.; Lazrek, M.; Pallé, P. L.; Schmider, F. X.; Tomczyk, S.
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In: Proceedings of the Second Solar Cycle and Space Weather Euroconference, 24 - 29 September 2001, Vico Equense, Italy. Editor: Huguette Sawaya-Lacoste. ESA SP-477, Noordwijk: ESA Publications Division, ISBN 92-9092-749-6, 2002, p. 253 - 256

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11 years of IRIS (the low degree helioseismology network) have been analysed for the study of p-modes parameters variability. The duty cycle of the network data has been improved by the partial gap filling method named "repetitive music". This paper discusses the variations of all p-modes parameters along these 11 years.