Archaeoastronomical approach to the pre-Roman Iberian religion. First steps.

Esteban, C.
Referencia bibliográfica

"IVth SEAC Meeting "Astronomy and Culture", p. 157 - 164"

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The author discusses possible astral and astronomical elements that could be related to the religious world of the pre-Roman Iberian culture. The widespread cult to a fertility goddess and her assimilation to eastern deities having celestial attributes, indicate possible astral elements in the ancient religion of the Iberians. Moreover, the presence of a custom in the orientation of Iberian shrines suggests that astronomy could have played a role in the construction and purpose of these sanctuaries. Finally, the author presents preliminary results on archaeoastronomical fieldwork performed at the Iberian shrine of La Serreta, which constitutes a suggestive starting point for further studies.