Continuum intensity and magnetic flux of solar fluxtubes

del Toro Iniesta, J. C.; Collados, M.; Sanchez Almeida, J.; Semel, M.
Referencia bibliográfica

IN: European Regional Astronomy Meeting of the IAU, 10th, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Aug. 24-29, 1987, Proceedings. Volume 1 (A89-32451 13-92). Ondrejov, Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 1987, p. 265, 266.

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The continuum contrast between flux tubes and their quiet background, and the magnetic flux carried by these magnetic elements, have been determined at different points of a solar facula. A two-component model based on spectropolarimetric observations of 1-arcsec spatial resolution is employed. Local spatial variations of these two parameters have been obtained.