Detector test and calibration facility at IAC

Rodriguez-Ramos, L. F.; Rodriguez-Mora, A.; Sosa, N.; Diaz, J. J.; Joven, E.
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In: Test and evaluation of IR detectors and arrays II; Proceedings of the Meeting, Orlando, FL, Apr. 22, 23, 1992 (A94-12744 02-35), p. 13-20.

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A detector test bench is described which encompasses among its capabilities a wide, IR-visible spectral range, and a wide range of radiation response. The optical, cryogenic, mechanical and electronic devices used are sufficiently flexible for data acquisition that characterizes the detector in terms of linearity, dark noise, spectral and time response, etc. The degree of independence obtained between the test facility and the detector facilitates reliable comparison between different detectors. Illustrative examples are given.