Gamma-ray burst observations with new generation imaging atmospheric Cerenkov Telescopes in the FERMI era

Covino, S.; Garczarczyk, M.; Galante, N.; Gaug, M.; Antonelli, A.; Bastieri, D.; Campana, S.; Longo, F.; Scapin, V.
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SCIENCE WITH THE NEW GENERATION OF HIGH ENERGY GAMMA-RAY EXPERIMENTS: Proceedings of the 6th Edition: Bridging the Gap Between GeV and TeV. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1112, pp. 172-180 (2009).

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After the launch and successful beginning of operations of the FERMI satellite, the topics related to high-energy observations of gamma-ray bursts have obtained a considerable attention by the scientific community. Undoubtedly, the diagnostic power of high-energy observations in constraining the emission processes and the physical conditions of gamma-ray burst is relevant. We briefly discuss how gamma-ray burst observations with ground-based imaging array Cerenkov telescopes, in the GeV-TeV range, can compete and cooperate with FERMI observations, in the MeV-GeV range, to allow researchers to obtain a more detailed and complete picture of the prompt and afterglow phases of gamma-ray bursts.