A Herbig-Haro flow in HV Tauri

Martin, E. L.; Magazzu, A.
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Astronomy and Astrophysics (ISSN 0004-6361), vol. 287, no. 2, p. 571-574

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We report on the serendipitous discovery of a Herbig-Haro flow close to the pre-main sequence system HV Tauri. Low resolution spectra indicate a high excitation flow. The profile of emission lines seen at high resolution shows the existence of two velocity components, which are interpreted as emission from a bow shock directed towards the observer, moving with a velocity of about 300 km/s at an angle of 60 deg to the line of sight. We argue that the most likely source of the flow is HV Tau AB, which would be the first known case of a weak T Tauri star driving a Herbig-Haro flow.