Near infrared-IRAS candidates for molecular outflows in LYNDS clouds

Mampaso, A.; Gomez-Renasco, R.; Carballo, R.; Phillips, J. P.
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IN: Mass outflows from stars and galactic nuclei; Proceedings of the Second Torino Workshop, Turin, Italy, May 4-8, 1987 (A88-54076 24-90). Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988, p. 329-332.

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The IRAS Point Source Catalog was cross-correlated with the Lynds Catalog of Dark Clouds to find bright IR sources with 100-micron fluxes higher than their corresponding fluxes at 60 microns. The objective was the detection of new candidates for bipolar molecular outflow sources and/or young embedded PMS stars associated with those clouds. Thirteen objects which, in some cases, could represent young embedded stars energizing molecular outflows, are described.