Searching for Tidal Remnants in the Milky Way: Photometric Survey of Globular Clusters

Carballo-Bello, J. A.; Martínez-Delgado, D.; Sollima, A.
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HUNTING FOR THE DARK: THE HIDDEN SIDE OF GALAXY FORMATION. Edited by Victor P. Debattista and Cristina C. Popescu AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1240, pp. 291-292 (2010).

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The picture of building the Milky Way halo from the merger of protogalactic fragments is considered the local manifestation of the hierarchical galaxy formation process. In this scenario, some studies have suggested that the outer young Galactic halo globular cluster population might be connected to the tidal disruption of dwarf spheroidals galaxies. We have designed a systematic photometric survey of Galactic globular clusters in both hemispheres. We have used wide field imagers in La Palma and in La Silla observatories to obtain deep photometry of wide areas around these objects to unveil the possible remnants of the systems where they originally formed and estimate their contribution to the Galactic halo.