Programa de Tiempo Internacional (ITP)


About 5% of the observing time in all telescopes of Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory and STELLA Robotic telescopes is also offered for International Time Program (ITP), which is allocated by the International Scientific Committee (CCI). Calls for ITP proposals occur once a year.

Requisitos para hacer la reserva de tiempo

Proposals should be international in their range of participants and are expected to involve astronomers from at least three of the European countries that are signatories to the Agreements for Cooperation in Astrophysics. Moreover, astronomers from scientific institutions from any o ther country in the world can be included


“Based on observations made in the Observatorios de Canarias del IAC with the [telescope/s-instrument/s] operated on the Island of La Palma / Tenerife by the [name of owner/operator institution/s] in the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory / Teide. This research has been carried out with telescope time awarded by the CCI International Time Programme.” o: "Data for this [programme/paper] has been obtained under the International Time Programme of the CCI (International Scientific Committee of the Observatorios de Canarias of the IAC) with the [telescope/s] operated on the island/s of Tenerife/La Palma by the [operator/s] in the Teide Observatory/Roque de los Muchachos."

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