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IACTEC: Technological and business collaboration space

Innovation environment

IACTEC is a technological and business collaboration space set up by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), whose mission is to develop in the Canary Islands an innovative ecosystem for the transfer of high technology between the public sector and companies, taking advantage of the scientific and technological capital of the IAC.

IACTEC provides an accessible environment and abundant human, scientific, technological, and financial resources: an ideal space for businesses and institutions dedicated to R&D to collaborate in developing new partnerships and innovative projects.

IACTEC has been created as a key strategic environment for the development of talent and dynamic and innovative production practices in the Canary Islands and Spain.

Strategic value

For decades now, the IAC has played a leading role in the development of advanced astrophysical instrumentation in Spain. That experience has been further expanded in recent years with the construction of the GTC, which was designed and built mainly by national companies that have acquired a high level of skill in the development of new technologies for space and astrophysics. In collaboration with national and international businesses, the IAC has designed and built instruments for the biggest, and most advanced and complex telescopes in the world.

Thanks to the technological skills acquired and the participation of Spain in European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the European Space Agency (ESA), the IAC now has access to leading projects in the areas of astrophysics, both ground- and space-based, and a wide experience in the building of cooperative consortia. The climate of confidence generated in the technological and business sector is of great strategic value and provides direct access to contracts and opens up the possibility of competing for tenders with a higher guarantee of success.

Scientific and technological objectives

IACTEC's main priorities are the following:

  • To strengthen the technological competitiveness of the IAC.
  • To establish itself as a key strategic space for cooperation between the public and private sectors, at both national and international level, in the area of applied astrophysical instrumentation.
  • To set up partnerships with Industry and Science in the development of high added-value products and technologies.
  • To boost the creation of jobs by consolidating innovative business practices in the Canary Islands.

Lines of action

IACTEC commences its activities advocating three lines of action for which the IAC already possesses key skills in strategic disciplines, such as optics, electronics, specialized software development, and precision mechanics:

  • Microsatellite Programme
  • Medical Technology Programme
  • Large Telescope Programme

Furthermore, IACTEC is always on the lookout for new niches of opportunity to develop its transfer of technology capabilities in other disciplines in addition to those already mentioned

Scientific meetings

2018 (finalized)

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