• SolarLab was an educational project of the IAC aimed at secondary and pre-university colleges in the Canaries.

    The project had at its disposal three telescopes loaned for a period of one week to

    Alfredo Rafael
    Rosenberg González
    • Magnetic fields are at the base of star formation and stellar structure and evolution. When stars are born, magnetic fields brake the rotation during the collapse of the mollecular cloud. In the end

      Felipe García
      • The IAC is an internationalized Spanish research centre aiming to achieve major advances in the understanding of the laws that govern the origin and evolution of the various forms of matter/energy in the Universe. Outstanding results are expected in key areas of research such as Solar physics, Sun-Earth connections, Exoplanetary systems, Solar System, Stellar and interstellar physics, Formation and evolution of galaxies, Astroparticles and Cosmology.
        Rebolo López
        • SCIntillation Detection And Ranging and Wave Front Sensor. The SCIDAR instrument creates profiles of atmospheric turbulence by observing binary stars.
          • Have you ever thought about light? What's the most striking thing about it? It speed, of course...exceeded only in our imagination. Ready to meet the challenge of measuring it? In this project we aim to relate a simple astronomical observation with a universal constant, c (the speed of light), and tell you about one of the greatest contributions to astrophysics in the history of science.
            Alfredo Rafael
            Rosenberg González