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CCI and Agreements

The Agreement on Cooperation in Astrophysics, which was signed by eight European countries in La Palma on the 26th May 1979, confers on signatory organisations effective participation in the decision-making process by means of an International Scientific Committee (CCI). 

There are three levels to the agreement:

  • First level: documents signed by the respective governments.
  • Second level: documents signed by the organisations in each country (signatory organisations).
  • Third level: documents signed by the IAC and the Member Organisations.

Entry into the ENO can be secured by subscribing to the International Agreement and Protocol and signing a (Third Level) Agreement; specifying the instrument to be installed.

Under the terms of this agreement, Spain provides the site in return for a package that includes at least 20% of observing time.

A further 5% of observing time at each telescope will be used for the 5% International Time Programme (ITP), which is available to member organisations and to all Spanish institutions with permission from the IAC.

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