2.2 micron survey of the Galactic bulge and plane

Mahoney, T.; Garzon, F.; Hammersley, P.; Calbet, X.; Selby, M. J.
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IN: ESO/CTIO Workshop on Bulges of Galaxies, La Serena, Chile, Jan. 16-19, 1990, Proceedings (A92-18101 05-90). Garching, Federal Republic of Germany, European Southern Observatory, 1990, p. 171-174; Discussion, p. 174. Research supported by European Southern Observatory.

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A near-IR survey is conducted in order to penetrate the dust of the Galactic plane through the K window and study the flux from Rayleigh-Jeans tail emission in cool stellar sources. Small-scale NIR surveys are examined which cover the entire Galactic bulge and plane visible from the observation point. A total of 120 scans is reported, and source confusion is identified as a problem that requires the application of time.