Conceptual design of a fast-slewing mount for the New Robotic Telescope

Ranjbar, Ali; Copley, David; Steele, Iain A.; Harvey, Eamonn J.; Torres, Miguel; Oria, Asier; Gracia Rodríguez, Javier
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Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series

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The New Robotic Telescope is designed to conduct rapid target follow-up within 30 seconds of an `alert' from survey facilities. To achieve this will require a quick settling time requirement for the mount structure and the mirrors. This means the structure shall be designed to be sufficiently rigid to achieve the mirror position within the `settle time' after a quick slew operation. An optimization analysis using the finite element model is developed to conceptually design the mount structure that meets the mechanical and more importantly the NRT science requirements. The main objective of this study is to determine the required locked rotor resonance frequency (LRF) that provides enough rigidity for the telescope dynamic performance while minimizing the structural mass and cost.
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El NRT (New Robotic Telescope) es un proyecto para diseñar y construir en un plazo de cinco años un telescopio de 4 metros que desde el ORM operará en una forma totalmente autónoma y robótica. Esta forma de operación lo convertirá en el telescopio robótico mayor del mundo.

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