Cross-Correlation of Tenerife Data with Galactic Templates-Evidence for Spinning Dust?

de Oliveira-Costa, Angélica; Tegmark, Max; Gutierrez, Carlos M.; Jones, Aled W.; Davies, R. D.; Lasenby, A. N.; Rebolo, R.; Watson, R. A.
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The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 527, Issue 1, pp. L9-L12.

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The recent discovery of dust-correlated diffuse microwave emission has prompted two rival explanations: free-free emission and spinning dust grains. We present new detections of this component at 10 and 15 GHz by the switched-beam Tenerife experiment. The data show a turnover in the spectrum and thereby support the spinning dust hypothesis. We also present a significant detection of synchrotron radiation at 10 GHz, which is useful for normalizing foreground contamination of cosmic microwave background experiments at high galactic latitudes.