The evolution of the UV/optical lag spectrum of NGC 7469 seen by the Liverpool Telescope

Vincentelli, F. M.; Beard, M.; Hardy, I. Mc; Cackett, E.; Horne, K.; Pahari, M.
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We present the results regarding the analysis of an intensive monitoring of the Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN) NGC 7469. We observed the source for 4 months with almost daily cadence in the ugriz bands, using the IO:O on the Liverpool Telescope. We measured the lags with respect to the u band and found a clear change in the lag spectrum between the first and the second half of the campaign. Given that the source varies on different timescales during these two segments, it is likely that different components are dominating the variability at different times. This result further confirms that reverberation models require a more complex geometry than a static illuminating point source and that particular attention has to be given in the interpretation of these delays.
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