New windows to the universe; Proceedings of the Eleventh IAU European Regional Astronomy Meeting, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain, July 3-8, 1989. Part III

Sanchez, F.; Vazquez, M.
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Meeting sponsored by IAU. Astrophysics and Space Science (ISSN 0004-640X), vol. 171, no. 1-2, Sept. 1990, 376 p. For individual items see A91-14577 to A91-14636.

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Topics discussed in this issue include active galaxies and cosmology, interstellar and intergalactic medium, and astronomical instrumentation. Papers are presented on modeling rich clusters of galaxies, optical variability of NGC 7469 in 1967-1987, the structure of the broad line region in Fairall 9, the resolution of the compact core of quasars and active galaxies with the gravitational lens effect, and galaxy formation in pancake models. Consideration is also given to molecular clouds around outflow sources, modeling OH in regions of star formation, density studies of giant extragalactic H II regions, observations of the star formation region NGC 7129, and interstellar medium parameters derived from low-frequency variability. Other papers are on recent developments of IR array cameras in France, an automated astrographic plates measuring process, a low-resolution spectrophotometer for measuring the integrated color of galaxies, the HUS solar flare and cosmic gamma-ray burst detector aboard the Ulysses spacecraft, and the Grecos operating system of the GCT.