A rapid response to GRB 070411

Ferrero, P.; Kann, D. A.; Klose, S.; Greiner, J.; Rykoff, E. S.; Mikuž, H.; Dintinjana, B.; Skvarč, J.; Malesani, D.; Schulze, S.; Filgas, R.; Rossi, A.
Referencia bibliográfica

GAMMA-RAY BURSTS 2007: Proceedings of the Santa Fe Conference. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1000, pp. 257-260 (2008).

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We report on early observations of the optical afterglow of GRB 070411 obtained by the Črni Vrh 0.6-m, the ROTSE IIIc 0.45-m, and the Tautenburg 1.34-m Schmidt telescope starting within 1 to 5 minutes after the trigger. The derived light curve presents a rising phase, then a plateau followed by a steep decay and finally a jet break.