An Astrophysical Perspective of Life. The Growth of Complexity

Sánchez, F.; Battaner, E.
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Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica

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The existence of life is one of the most fundamental problems of astrophysics. The intriguing existence of progressively complex and apparently improbable living beings should be a general tendency of life in the Universe. We are looking for general physical laws governing the growth of complexity in any astrophysical environment. We posit the existence of a vital scalar field. This scalar is sensitive to the gradient of the inverse of specific entropy, such that its distribution tends to very high values in the interior of living beings. Besides the classical mutations, vital field driven mutations only produce decrements of entropy. The field equations give rise to the existence of vital waves. This theory is able to deal with both the origin of life and the evolution of life. We show that the growth of complexity is accelerated by the vital field.