Mixed properties of MHD waves in non-uniform plasmas

Goossens, Marcel L.; Arregui, I.; Van Doorsselaere, Tom
Referencia bibliográfica

Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, Volume 6, id.20 (2019)

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This paper investigates the mixed properties of MHD waves in a non-uniform plasma. It starts with a short revision of MHD waves in a uniform plasma of infinite extent. In that case the MHD waves do not have mixed properties. They can be separated in Alfvén waves and magneto-sonic waves. The Alfvén waves propagate parallel vorticity and are incompressible. In addition they have no parallel displacement component. The magneto-sonic waves are compressible and in general do have a parallel component of displacement but do not propagate parallel vorticity. This clear separation has been the reason why there has been a strong inclination in the literature to use this classification in the study of MHD waves in non-uniform plasmas. The main part of this paper is concerned with MHD waves in a non-uniform plasma. It is shown that the MHD waves in that situation in general propagate both vorticity and compression and hence have mixed properties. Finally, the close connection between resonant absorption and MHD waves with mixed properties is discussed.