Memorandum Of Understanding between the Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et Cosmologie ,The Institute Neel and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias for the use of the KISS instrument at the first QUIJOTE telescope

Fecha en vigor
Objeto del convenio

SOLO VERSIÓN EN INGLÉS.The main objectives of this MOU is to establish a technical and scientific collaboration including permanent scientist and technical personnel, postdocs, PhD and graduate students, in order to carry out spectroscopic observations of Planck selected low redshift clusters of galaxies to obtain precise measurements of their mass, temperature, velocity and  morphology for cosmological purposes. These observations will be performed with the KISS instrument, which will be installed at the QUIJOTE

Compromisos del IAC

The IAC should provide the KISS Collaboration with well-balanced and operational QUIJOTE telescope and will be in charge of its maintenance and of providing the necessary low level software for its operation. The IAC will take in charge the testing and maintenance of the electrical installation, and the security tasks in the observatory specially the parking of the QUIJOTE and the closing of the dome in case of bad weather. 

Compromisos de las otras partes

The KISS CONSORTIUM shall provide the KISS instrument to be installed at the QUIJOTE, and will provide necessary software and support to the IAC for the operation. The responsibility of the maintenance and operation of the KISS instrument will remain on the KISS CONSORTIUM for the duration of this agreement

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