CS J = 5 - 4 observations of galactic molecular clouds

White, G. J.; Richardson, K. J.; Frost, R. F.; Beckman, J. E.; Phillips, J. P.; Watt, G. D.; Davis, J. H.
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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (ISSN 0035-8711), vol. 204, Sept. 1983, p. 1117-1123.

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Observations from a sample of six regions of star formation in the 244 GHz, J = 5-4 rotational transition of CS, together with previous results for lower frequencies, indicate that the line temperatures for this transition in the cases of OMC-1, M17 SW, W3(OH) and Ori B are consistent with constant density, large velocity gradient models. This in turn establishes typical X/dV/dr abundances of about 4 x 10 to the -10th/km spc, and n(H2) densities of about 100,000/cu cm. In the cases of the clouds W51 and DR21(OH), the results obtained may imply the need for substantial CS thermalization levels which, in turn, suggest high source densities and beam dilution.