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- Margarita Salas -

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  • Camera Drago
    The IAC will be participating in the Spanish Small Satellites International Forum 2020
  • José Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa
    IAC researcher José Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa, next Secretary General of the International Astronomical Union
  • Comparative Milky Way and ultra-diffuse galaxy
    A step forward to solve the mystery of ultra-diffuse galaxies
  • Sandra Benítez Herrera, Ana Fragoso López, Estrella Zatón Martín and Alejandra Martín Gálvez
    New edition of "Girls who broke a glass ceiling while looking at the sky"
  • Composición espectro LFC
    Sucessful test of new technology which should help to discover “other Earths”
  • 1D-LTE oxygen-to-iron abundance ratios [O/Fe] vs. metallicity [Fe/H] of the iron-poor star J0815+4729 (large star symbol) compared with literature measurements from the [O I] forbidden line (diamonds), the near-IR O I triplet (circles), and the near-UV OH lines (squares). The two triangles at [Fe/H] ∼ −3.6 correspond to the oxygen measurement from OH lines in the metal-poor binary stars CS 22876–032 AB (González Hernández et al. 2008).
    The extreme CNO-enhanced composition of a primitive iron-poor dwarf star